For Sale - Plastic Horus Heresy Marines Mk IV, Cataphractii & Characters


Anyone interested in some plastic MkIV Marines, Cataphractii Terminators, and characters from Betrayal at Calth? Project which I’m never going to get around to getting around too!

1x 5 Cataphractii Terminators new on sprue, bar one pair of legs (de-sprued, on base) £30
1x 10 Mk IV new on sprue £22.50
Both Characters new on sprue £12 each or £20 for both
2x 10 Mk IV assembled with Bolters, all mould lines removed etc, and other bits on sprue. £20


Hi Rob. Have you still got the Mk IV’s on the sprue?


I do indeed!


Can I grab them off you then please? If you are around on Wednesday I’ll get them then if that’s okay.


Yeah no problem! Will bring them along!