Forge world 8th ed release's


hey guys i know a few of you are looking at getting the fw index books for 8th ed as am i and magnus so who wants to jump in with me and break the £250 for free delivery

also im gonna wait till the first week of july to break up the expenditures of gw 8th ed release


I might be interested, depending on what I think of 8th ed. Remind me nearer the time and I’ll let you know what, if anything, I want then.


Ok il do it in the first full week of July to give everyone a chance to get paid/collect money etc.


I can see myself needing FW BB stuff by then :slight_smile:


I’ll probably be wanting some stuff.


ok guys whos on board for this then and what do ppl want links are preferable just to make sure i get the right bits lol


This for me
Possibly more to come :slight_smile:


I’d like the Index Astartes, Chaos and Xenos books, here are the links:

I noticed that on the GW site today the forthcoming Heresy ‘7th ed’ rulebook is discussed, although they don’t say how long it will be until it comes out.

Might also be interested in some Blood Bowl stuff if any of the new models previewed at Warhammer Fest are released this next weekend.


Awesome! When do you need to know by?




Wednesday the 5th July il need the cash and then il do the order on the 6th


so dose every one know what they want im gonna put the order in on thursday need the cash on wed tho i ant that rich lol were totaling up at 220 at the mo plus what ever jim and dopy want


Hey dude I’d like to get Callas Typhon miniature please


order placed :grinning:




and just got an email order dispatched




That was quick, I assume you’ll have the stuff with you this week.


Ordered at 2:30pm thur delivered at 9:30 fri
Ye il be bringing it in


Sorry boys and girls not gonna be there tonight not feeling well