Forge World order


I’m planning on putting in a Forge World order in the next couple week to get some Blood Bowl and Horus Heresy stuff. Is there anyone who wants to order some bits to so we can save some money by reaching the total needed for free postage?


id be interested in this
when you say a cpl of weeks you looking at the first week of october as in when everyone will have been paid


BB Minotaur and Elves if they come out in time


Sorry @David_Ball , I had a typing fail where I mean to put ‘in the next couple of days/ a week’. I want to have the stuff by early October and don’t want it to end up on backorder due to lack of stock.

As long as you aren’t after stuff that will cost hundreds of pounds, I’m happy for you to pay me back at the end of the month.:slightly_smiling_face:

@Dopey the Minotaur is out this Friday. I think the Elves might be a few weeks off but as they are a plastic team I would expect they are being released through regular GW like the Dwarfs, Skaven, etc, so you won’t need to order them direct from Forge World.


ye i only want the sicaran which is £79


That’s fine, you can pay me back for that after next payday if you don’t have the money right now.


thank you


Could I have an empire Ironsides handgunner conversion kit. ? Will bring monies on Wednesday.


Sure, I’ll add it to the order.


Just to let you know I put in the order last night. It will be slightly delayed because the Sicaran tank is on a 2 week wait before it’s available again. I’m hoping it will all turn up by the 13th October.


sucks about sicaran tho


Yeah its a bit annoying but as long as I get the stuff before ExeBowl I can live with it.

If I get any updates from ForgeWorld about the order I’ll let you know.




Ooo! Did you order the Minotaur - if so, how much do I owe you?


Yes I did, it’s £20.


Cool! I’ll try and pop that along tomorrow



Also, got an email today to say the order is on it’s way.:grinning:




@David_Ball The order turned up yesterday and I was able to give the others their stuff but you weren’t around. Let me know when you will next be coming to club and I’ll bring the Sicaran with me.


Il be there next week i dislocated my shoulder yesterday and i didn’t have a game arranged so