Forum Trust Levels


Can I suggest that we would have some better titles for the trust levels (Badges), the defaults at the moment being:

  • Basic
  • Member
  • Regular
  • Leader

But I thing something like:

  • Youngling
  • Padawan
  • Knight
  • Master
  • Grand Master

would be much more fun :grinning:


Yeah something more personalised would be good and the Star Wars suggestions would work fine (is there anyone at the club that isn’t a fan of Star Wars?).

Alternatively, could we do something more specific to our club, e.g.:
*Roughneck Cadet
*Senior Roughneck
*Head Roughneck

(better suggestions along these lines welcome!)


Rough-toe through Rough-neck?

Or a selection from the Blood Bowl player progression:

Emerging Star
Super Star

Although that might be off-putting for non Blood Bowlers.



Knocked Out
Badly Hurt
Seriously Injured



Really Stupid
Wild Animal
Take Root


I thought about this one but its used by TFF so I thought we could try something different.


Wikipedia has a list of “Roughneck” positions (

  • Toolpusher
  • Driller
  • Derrickhand (derrick-man)
  • Pit Watcher
  • Motorman (motorhand)
  • Boilerman
  • Chainhand (Floorhand)
  • Leadhand/Floorhand (“worm”)
  • Roustabout (leasehand)
  • Ginsel
  • Iron Roughneck

Although it might take a bit of explaining to anyone new joining the forum.


I always thought it was more of a nod to the regiment from Starship Troopers. Pretty sure they’re called the roughnecks.


… I’m having a slow Monday … :dizzy_face:


Who is Ryga anyway?


Thanks @Scotty, that makes more sense :slight_smile: I did a quick Google and found this:

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles
Following a mobile infantry squad called the “Razak’s Roughnecks


I think Ryga’s Roughnecks might predate Razak’s Roughnecks…



Ker-ching! Maybe it’d bring in enough to pay for those dancing girls that Dave’s always wanted/promised.

As to what/who Ryga is - I have a vague recollection of one of the Greybeards saying once that it was an anagram of ‘Gary’, but I have no idea who this mythical Gary figure might have been either, so that’s not a great deal of help. I may also have gotten that completely ass-backwards…


Unfortunately not. The book was published in 1959 :slight_smile:


Yes it is an anagram of Gary’s. He was GW store manager at the time and many of the original club members had known him for several years. I wasn’t involved in running the club back then but I believe he played a big part in getting the club set up and may have been our original chairman.

I think Starship Troopers may have been one of his favourite films, and both the book and film share a lot of connections with 40k so it made sense to use it as inspiration for the club’s name.


OK, I’ve deleted that Wikipedia entry. Now I need 6 teams of 2 working round the clock to keep this buried.

I’ll also need someone to vomit inflammatory gibberish all over the interests to distract from the truth: Team Trump.


Trump 2016: Make America Hate Again


Gary was our original Chairman and the club was an evolution of the Tin Lane club that use to meet over t’other side of the river.
Gary got it started but sort of handed it over to the first committee after 6 months but by then the name had stuck.