Game for 2nd January


Anyone looking for a game on the 2nd January? I was hoping to get a game of Star Wars Armada or Age of Sigmar (which I haven’t played in ages) but also up for Necromunda or Blackstone Fortress (if anyone can help teach me those 2 games), Blood Bowl or possibly 40k (don’t have the new Chapter Approved yet so can’t use the new points totals).

Post below if interested.


Hi Jonathan! I could play you at Age of Sigmar if you like. Which army do you have?


Cool. I have Legion of Nagash and Beasts of Chaos pretty much ready to use. I’m familiar with the core rules but haven’t much experience with the scenarios, endless spells, etc. Happy to use them just means I may need to refer to rules a bit more frequently!

How many points do you want to play? I can easily manage 2,000 with either army but happy to play a smaller game.


Sounds good! Don’t worry about all the extra rules and stuff - we’ll keep it simple. I’m happy to do 2000 points.


Great, 2000pts it is then. See you on Wednesday. :slightly_smiling_face: