Game for 9th Jan?


Hey guys! Anyone want a game of AOS on the 9th? I can do any points level and 19:00 onwards would be a good slot for me. Any takers?


Yeah I’ll give you a game,Can do 2k?


2K is good with me bro! 19:00 fine with you? Also, as I’m new to club, how much is entry fee (or is it a yearly subscription?) and what time are we able to play too? I’ll be bringing beasts of chaos mate.


The club’s free your first time and then just £2(there’s no yearly subscription so pay to play)and the club’s open till 11 but it’s true finish up and pack away to get out by 11,I got ironjawz,seraphon,skaven and nurgle so anyone of those what you want to play against but if rather bring nurgle as I only got them for Xmas so would like to give them a run around if that’s cool?


Mate go for nurgle! If you haven’t used them yet give them a blast! Do I need to book a table or anything?


Nah you don’t need to book,it’s more just turn up and play if there’s space,you should always be good for a table if you turn up between 6-7,I normally get there about 6 as live a stone throw away and have a chat with the guys.


Ok cool. I’ll be there for 7 bang on, maybe earlier. Look forward to the game pal!


Do you mind if I bring 10 empty bases and proxy them ? I’m 10 short of a unit of 20 and haven’t got around to buying more yet. That ok mate?


Yeah mate got no problems with that


Thanks mate, appreciate it. See you Wednesday :+1: