Game for the 28th: 40K, AoS, Warmachine, Epic or Infinity


I’ll be coming in again after missing last week and would like a game. Don’t mind what system, title has all the ones I’ll be able to bring models for. Also no real preference for game size.


Hey richard ill be around this wednesday if you want to play some 40k ?


Sounds good, any preference for points level?


1500 is fine with me ill be bringing either space wolves or death guard


Sounds good, it’ll be some variant of Dark angels from me. Green marines have done me quite well though…


My apologies for the very short notice but I can’t make it tonight. Perhaps we can have a game next week?

Again, my apologies.


No problem mate


I may be playing AOS next week so ill have to re schedule another time maybe


No worries, will wait and see what happens next week.