Game for Wednesday 14th


Looking for a game this week, preferably Blood Bowl or an Epic X-Wing game in practice for the tournament, but also open to Armada, regular X-Wing or 30k.

Use the reply button below if interested. :game_die:


Cannot play this week (Simon will be teaching me a lesson in humility with AoS), but would love a practice game ready for Exebowl next week (20th), if that she possible?


Hi @Jonathan,

Do you mean the 13th?
I could offer you a game of Blood Bowl tomorrow night.



Thank James, yes I did mean the 13th. :grin: Do you want to play a Premier League game or would you like a practice game for ExeBowl (assuming you are planning on taking part)?

@David_Olorenshaw I’ll still be looking for an Epic X-Wing game next week as I’ll need practice for the tournament on the 23rd, but if I can’t get a game of that then ExeBowl practice would be great (I could do with trying out a team in case we have odd numbers and I need to take part).


No worries, just keep me informed.


Hi @Jonathan, great I’ll see you tomorrow.

Same models for either scenario, so quite happy with either Premier League or ExeBowl (I am planning to attend).