Game of 1750 points 40k tournament practice


As above looking for a game this Wednesday 17th October.

Thank you in advance Ethan


i cant do this week but i can do the following week if you want a game then


Yes that’s cool so the 24th of October thanks


Are you prepping for the kirton comp on the 3rd November do you want to do a cpl of 1k games


No blood and glory which is that same weekend. 1750 would be good


On the Sunday I assume cus your on the list of players for kirton on the Saturday


Ah shot I must have brought it without realising I’d brought it I’ll get it refunded as it’s both days in derby


You twit
I was gonna ask for a lift as my work leaving doo is the night before I doubt I’ll be sober enough to drive the next morning


also id msg kirton while there still in the shop tonight


Done and sorted. I plan to far ahead that’s the problem


Didn’t you put it in your calendar that always helps lol


Want a game this week mine just got cancelled


Don’t worry I’m gonna finish putting my warhounds together


Hi Dave are we still on for Wednesday? 1750 points?


ye mate