Game of 40k for the 2nd aug


Anyone want a game of 8th ed 40k 2k pts
im trying out a list for the kirton games comp next month


oh its my space marines im using


what a knock against eather Mordian iron Guard or Valhallian ice wiarrors ? 1500 pts, , not read 8th ed rules yet, casual game only.
Simon Rat Catcher


it wouldn’t be casual cus i’m prepping for a tournament and i want to get a few test games in before at 2k pts

i would have posted on your post otherwise :slight_smile:


ok !


so anyone else up for a game


I don’t have anything arranged and still need to learn the rules before the tournament so we could try and actually finish a game! Hopefully I should be able to make it there earlier which would make it easier. I don’t have the new Marine codex yet so I might bring my Eldar.


Iv got mine send me a list out of the index book il dbl check the points a few of them have changed rule are still the same


Thanks for offering but I’d rather wait until I have ready the book properly first. I worked out my old Eldar army fits into 2k with a few points left over for extras so I think I’ll give that a try.:slight_smile:




Simon, I also have not played 8th. Are you happy to learn together. 1500 points?


next week on the 9th ? 7ed ? very cynical about games workshop trying to earn more money out of us. I’m justa pest controller on a very low wage. Mordian tank army or valhallan ww2 infantry army ? don’t do bloodybouwel or sigmar. i’ve been playing d&d, runequest and warhammer etc since i was 12. 1500 pts g8 !. casual game only . not competive person
Simon God of the Rats
what army are you thinking of playing ?
just getting back into gaming


I am trying to have a go at 8th. Therefore keen to keep it to that. I have Dark Angels. Don’t worry about competitive, I am not very used to winning, so have to aspirations.


Anyone else fancy a game tonight?


Dave I can give you a game next week if you want. Do you want to go for Open Play power levels? Makes list writing quicker. A power level of 75 is about 1500 points. If not we can go for points. I can use my Death Guard


can we do points i worked out my 2k list from last night it works out at 115 pp i kinda wana practice for the tournament as well only got 3 more club nights till then


Jim, were you asking me or Dave B?




I could play either Dave :slight_smile:

Dave B - I should have 2,000 points worth of Death Guard so will write a list and see what I have but fairly certain I’ve got more that 2,000 points worth of stuff (Though some they can’t use anymore such as Terminators and Raptors), Though my list won’t be very competative.

Dave O - I can give you a game at some point if you want to help learn the rules (I’ve only played 2 games myself with the new edition). I found the Power Levels are the easist way to create an army and the games seem more fun, espically with the Open War deck and if you’re just playing casual. Roughly speaking 50 Power levle is around 1,000 points 75 is 1,500 and 100 is around 2,000 points. you get bonuses for having a lower power level than your oponets as well if you use the open war cards.


i have my death guard from DI box if you want to borrow them