Game of 40k for the 9th


Anyone up for a game 1500-2k


Hi Dave,
I’m up for a fluffy game. Blood Angels 1500pts
A different list than before as the new Beta rules have messed up by tactics for now.


Hearing that :slight_smile: I used my Blood Angels on Saturday and the new rules have really affected how I use them. If you don’t get first turn they’re a lot harder to effectively deep strike with. most if mine ended up in my deployment zone come turn 2!


Ye that works for me


Hi Jim,
Yeah I think I understand why GW have done these beta rules. But it really does take the point out of some armies. If I wanted to play gun line marines then smurfs or fists would be great. And then just castle up in a corner and shoot the enemy for 5 turns. I’ve played Blood Angels for a long time and part of the appeal was getting stuck into the enemy as soon as possible, not always a good tactic mind. Hoard armies have always been tough opponents.
Hopefully see you tomorrow and I can pick your brains.


Great see you about 6


You guys realise that the rule of 3 is just an advisory rule for tordiments and won’t be inforced on regular match play it’s meant to stop lists like the 6 flyrants and 6 shield captains on bike’s