Game of 40K next week 26th July


Anyone fancy a game of 40K next week? I’m keen to try out the new edition. Was thinking we could try a Power Level open play game and use the new Open War cards (if not I’m happy to do matched game based on points).


I’d be up for that, Jim. Any idea what power level you want to go for?


Awesome. Good question. I’ve not really had a chance to look at it yet. Have you played it? Got any suggestion?


Only had one game so far and that was with ‘normal’ points, but I can have a look at the power levels in the book when I get home.


well if it helps 100 works out around 2k and that’s what throne of skulls is using for the upcoming event in sept


Cool, want to try 100 Scotty?


2,000pts (ish) might be a bit much - I’m still trying to learn all the stats of units and weapon profiles etc, so might spend ages flicking through the books.
How about 75?


Good point dude :slight_smile: Yeah 75 sounds more reasonable.


Sweet, I’ll be using the IG, probably with one or two assassins. Fair warning, I’ll have a healthy number of tanks, too (depending on how much they are, probably 4+ Leman Russes)


Cool I’ll probably use my Blood Angels, unless I get all my Death Guard assembled by then (I doubt I will). Could always ally in my Knight :stuck_out_tongue:


List written (No Kinight :slight_smile: ) I went for my Blood Angels in the end. Should be at the club for 7pm


Awesome, looking forward to it :smiley: