Game of 40K



Hi I’m a total noob to wargaming, really fancy getting into 40K. Can I come along to one of the evenings to meet folks and get an idea of what it’s all about?



Hi, yes please feel free to come along and chat with other gamers, we are open to everyone interested and you don’t have to be playing a game to attend.

There are usually a couple of games of 40k going on every week, and we have several players at the club. I’m sure they’ll all be happy to talk to you about it.:slight_smile:


Thanks Jonathan, I’ve bought some Tau stuff just as they look like models I’ll enjoy painting regardless of whether I play or not. I’ll stop by tomorrow then. Adrian


ppl wont believe that story about why you collect tau lol


Welcome Silvershaman77!

I hope you enjoyed the club, as Jonathan said there lots of 40k players at the club and if you want to sit and watch any games to learn more about it just talk to any of the guys there. We have a really friendly bunch of gamers here :slight_smile: