Game of 40kon 21st?


mordian tank army or hordes of screaming vallallians . 1500 pts , casual game only
Simon God of the Rats


The new rules will have landed by then!


Yes, I’d like a game , keep it small though as I’ll have no idea on the rules!


no idea eather on rules changes ! just caught up (just) with 7th after growing up with 1 , 2 and 3. only got back into gaming recently.
1500 pts ? Mordian tank army or hordes of screaming russkis - i mean Valhallas
see you on wed 21st, only live down the road now.
trench warfare ?
simon ratcatcher


Sorry Simon but going to have to cancel, turns out it’s my wedding anniversary!!


have a great time m8 ! another time maybe.
simon ratcatcher