Game on the 6th


Anyone fancy a game of something on Wednesday?
Could go for, Bloodbowl Perpetual League friendly match, Sigmar 1500 ish points, Bloodbowl one off game, Sigmar Skirmish or New Necromunda - as long as you let me look at the rules first :slight_smile:


Hi Santa, if you play a Perpetual League Match you can schedule one under the Premier League Off-season 2017/18 in the usual way:

(User Menu > Schedule Match)

Usual Friendly rules … only I’m feeling generous, so you get D6 winnings rather than D3 :wink:


Santa I can give you a game of Necromunda if you want.

The rules have changed a fair bit.


Sounds cool Jim.
I see that the support for the ‘Classic’ Gangs doesn’t extend to Scavvys or Redemptionists :frowning:


or Enforcers :frowning:


cool, I have to swing by the shop first so so will probably be there about 6:30 - 7ish.

Yeah from what the rumours suggest the Redemptionists are being incorporated into the Cawdor gang. Scavvy’s are coming though probably not until 2019.

The new rules means there are weapons specific to certain houses (which no one else can get). Also means a lot of weapons are no longer available, especially the heavy and special weapons.

One rule they’ve added is that once a ganger is given a weapon it’s there’s for life and you can’t switch it around. they also have weapon slots so at most they can carry 3 weapons.