Game on Wednesday 21?


Anyone fancy a game of X-Wing/Shadespire on Wednesday?

could play 40K as well but X-Wing/Shadespire would be my preferred choice.


Hi Jim, how’s it going?
Dave got himself double booked so I’m looking for a 40K game this Wednesday. Rematch?


Hi Ali

Sounds good, do you want to do a switch and I’ll use my Blood Angels and you your Death Guard? If not happy to play Death Guard again :slight_smile: which ever is essayist for you.


Or Blood Angel versus Blood Angel? Blood for the…victor!?
My Death Guard are still not a thing. A combination of no money and bad health means they are still only about 800pts worth of army and also still only under-coated (or not even that!).


1,500 sounds good. I’ll use my Death Guard again as some of my new Blood Angel Units I want to use aren’t assembled yet.


Cool, see you Wednesday.


Hey Jim,

I was planning on seeing if anyone was up for some x wing on the 28th.
If your interested let me know and I’ll put it in my diary.


I’m up for X-Wing on the 28th!


Cool! I’ll see you there next week.

And I’ll bring some cash :smiley:


I would also be up for some X-Wing on the 28th, still trying to decide on a regional list that has the right mix of fun and competitiveness!


Mini tournament then? We should be able to get two games in each and it’d be good to play against different people/lists


Fine by me. I need to practise my bonkers Alpha Strike


Hi Jim,
I’m sorry to cancel on you but I’ve been up all night with a stomach bug. Not in much of a socialable mood today. Sorry for the late notice.
Definitely up for a rematch soon!


Count me in for x wing in the 28th.


No worries dude. We’ll have to have our rematch at a later date :slight_smile: