Gargant loose in Shadespire! Take it down on 12 December!


Calling all Shadespire-dwellers to arms! Glass-mad Gargant on the loose in the city, and quite frankly it’s getting in the way of all our glory-hunting. Let’s team up on December 12th to put a stop to its rampage!
Who’s in?


Can’t wait to try this out. Not sure if I’m gonna be able to get down to the club before Christmas though mate, defo up for this and more games of underworlds when I move back to Exeter, hopefully in the new year!


We’ll definitely do some Underworlds-Spelunking in the new year!
Is anyone up for this Wednesday or should we postpone for a time when we can gather the full might of several warbands to take down the fearsome creature?


Alas I am going to that conference in Bournemouth now o won’t be back in time to make it to the club :frowning: