Help needed for ExeBowl


Does anyone have a Boomer Esiasin model that Sarah could borrow for ExeBowl? It would save me having to try an convert something before Saturday. I’m already having to try and paint an extra Ulfwerener for her!


I have a Bomb Dwarf but it’s not painted. If you want to come and get it and paint it yourself your welcome to. I also have a couple of Ulfwerener painted already if you want to borrow one and spend your time converting the bomber instead.


I have nothing I’m afraid.


Hi Jonathan,
As long as the TD will allow unpainted Bombers can I take you up on the offer?
I still have my second Witch Elf to finish and South London is a bit far for Sarah to ‘come and get it and paint it’ herself before Saturday :slight_smile:


Models should be painted but I’ll see if I can find the time to throw a few colours on it. Shame I sold off most of my Warhammer Dwarfs as some of the cannon crew would have been suitable proxies.


More by luck that judgement, I’ve found Heather’s Boomer Esiason. Blue and yellow colour scheme. You still need?


I haven’t even taken mine out of the blister pack yet, so if you can bring it along it will save me having to paint it.