HH book 7 inferno/forge world order


inferno is on its way this wknd

is anyone looking at getting the book and want to bundle together to avoid forge world p&p charge


I’m not sure I need a copy of Inferno, but there are some other bits I’m after that I could order instead.


as long as we can break 250 it should all be good altho i am debating putting this guy on the credit card lol
got 2 years to pay it off so it may be a case of anyone want anything with free p&p


When are you planning to put the order in?


well i am willing to wait a cpl of weeks if ppl need to wait for payday


its out ppl
im gonna put in the order for the 2nd march so let me know of you want anything
i need the money by wed 1st march so i can put in in my account for the order


I’m tempted by Blood Bowl Star Players


well i am waiting till the end of the month so ppl can get paid before i put in the order


How far off the £250 mark are you?


I’m leaning towards over it looking at the knight in the link above prob going to buy it and its £320


That’s a hundred pints!!!


where do you drink cus where i drink thats 80 pints


guys if you can post links to what you want so i don’t cock up the order that would be great




HH Legions army list: https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-GB/The-Horus-heresy-legiones-Astartes-Age-of-Darkness-Army-List

Sons of Horus dice: https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-GB/Legion-Dice-Sons-of-Horus

Zug: https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-GB/The-Mighty-Zug


so totals for ppl

@Jonathan £66

@Scotty £94

@Dopey £56


I’ll bring money tomorrow.


I’m not in tonight - I can paypal it over if you want, or bring it in next week?




ok ppl im gonna have to delay the order as they ran out of hh book 7 ie the main reason for this order
i will put it in asap when its back in stock