Horus Heresy 30k Mechanicum for sale



I am having a clear out to make space for a new project and I am selling my Mechanicum army. I am looking for £320 but will consider offers.

This is a great starter force for Mechanicum, I started this army last year but never properly got going with it. I am looking to sell it as 1 lot. I estimate I’ve spent almost £500 on everything here:

1x Tech priest dominus (unpainted)

1x Magos dominus (converted from Glaivewraith stalker)

6x thallax with 2 converted photon thrusters

6x thallax with 2 multimeltas (unpainted)

3x castellax, 2 with siege wreckers & mauler bolt cannons, 1 with shock chargers and magnetised converted mauler bolt cannon, I also have a darkfire cannon

2x knight armiger helverins with autocannons, weapons are not glued so they can be moved/reposed (missing gun shields included) unpainted

1x Thanatar siege automata (base coated)

Mechanicum army book

Mechanicus transfer sheets

I will also include some sprues and a load of bits (more glaivewraith stalkers etc)

I’ll also include a list of the paints used if you want to replicate the scheme or not if you want to repaint them! it’s mostly airbrush base coats and weathering. If you would like any additional photos/close ups etc just ask :slight_smile:

I will consider reasonable offers