Horus Heresy


Hi all,

I’ve recently moved to South Devon and I’m looking to join or create a 30k gaming group.

Is there any interest locally?


Hi Paolo, welcome to our forum!

We don’t have a dedicated group for it but there are several people with 30k armies both at our club and at Kirton Games in Crediton that would be interested. I have a World Eaters army myself and the beginnings of a Sons of Horus army, plus can also proxy some others using a mix of 30k and 40k stuff, so would be interested in playing some games.


Thanks mate, I’d be up for getting a few games in, if there’s chance of making it a regular thing with a few others that would be awesome.

I’m nearing completion of roughly 3000pts of Iron hands and I’m also up to about 2000pts of painted alpha legion at the moment. I’m more of a hobbyist and a casual gamer when I get the chance!

Where’s best to play then? Kirton?



I guess the best place depends on when you are available. Our club meets on a Wednesday evening, whilst Kirton has various gaming nights (Sundays and Tuesdays being the main ones I think, but might want to check with them), plus any Saturday when they aren’t using all their tables for an event. You can try using their Player Hub to see if any of their regulars are up for a game: https://www.facebook.com/groups/753271251542082/


Thanks, Tuesdays work well for me at the moment, but could do later on Wednesday depending on my shift pattern. I will take a look at my rota Montday.

How about yourself? Is it worth meeting for a game on a Wednesday at Rygas and gauging interest?

I’ll drop a message on the Kirton FB page when they accept my request to join.


im in need of a game on wed if you want one i can do 2k or 1500 if you want of heresy


Hi David,

Which legion do you play? I’m not sure about my shifts atm but will be able to check my rota tomorrow and let you know.


raven guard
tho i may be a bit rusty haven’t played 7th ed rules since the launch of 8th lol


Wednesdays are usually best for me too as I’m just about to start taking part in a Star Wars Armada campaign on Tuesdays. I see Dave’s already offered you a game for this week so I’ll let you play him if you’re available and we can get a game in another time.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Dave,

Unfortunately I’m working a little later this Wednesday, but looking ahead I may be able to make next Wednesday? Should be able to make it for 7.30


works for me shall we make it 1500 then to make sure we finish and il be flicking back and forth though books lol


1500 sounds wise, I’ve got a copy of the HH rulebook, so hopefully we won’t be looking at any FAQs as well! If I can make it any earlier on the day I will drop you a message.



No worries mate, I’ll look forward to game against the 12th legion sometime soon!


Hi Paolo,
Other 30k players to make contact with when you arrive are:
Ethan - World Eaters
Llywelyn - Alpha Legion or Sons of Horus (can’t remember! )
Howard - Iron Warriors
I’m sure Dave can introduce you after your game.


“Alpha legion or Sons of Horus” - typical loyalist, can’t even recognise the legion with its boot on your neck!

Welcome Paolo, as the other chaps have mentioned there are plenty of players with 30k armies.

I’m definitely up for a game with my sons of horus sometime, Tim at kirton games said he’ll try and get a 30k event organised soon.


Thanks Fred, you seem to have a fairly good representation of legions. Would be great to meet everyone.


Thanks for the welcome! Looks like there’s going to be no shortage of opponents. A game against the Sons would be great at some point, does Wednesday tend to be the best day for gaming for you?


Hi Dave,

Just looking at lists for next week. Man it’s hard to find a vaguely balanced legion list at 1500! Do you have any preferences/rules about partly painted models?

I have a few Rhino APCs on the workbench, might just get a base coat on them by Wednesday.


Great to hear you try and play with painted armies!

For smaller games, centurion rules is a good idea, it puts more focus on infantry. I haven’t tried it yet but I hear that it’s very fun :slight_smile:

Centurion rules PDF


I try, I find it improves my immersion and enjoyment of the game, which is what 30k is about right?

I have a fair few iron hands painted up but I’m leaning towards using the alpha legion, but I’m still working on their transports :disappointed:.