Horus Heresy


Couldn’t agree more! 30k is basically a narrative historical game set in the future, all those WAAC idiots can go and play something else :smiley:

I’ll be at the club next week and look forward to having a chat


I suppose 8th encourages that style of play a little more. I enjoy a bit of healthy competition in games, but not at the expense of enjoyment! Narrative is the way forward!

I would say my alphas have a more competitive build in mind, but I have yet to win a game with them! Lol. The iron hands have just grown over time, but seem fairly durable.

Look forward to catching up next week!


Were all chill at the club with painting I’m a slow painter more of a gamer
Just a heads up i may turn up with a custodians army as i have a few for 40k


Dave, you’re a gentleman. I need some practice vs custodes as my brother is starting a force. Thanks for the heads up!


Hi Dave,

Struggling to get a half decent list together for 1500, do you think an increase to 2000pts would take us much longer?



Na shouldn’t be too much of a problem its a few Cpl more units for me


Still ok for tonight Dave?




Nice one, might be able to get there a little earlier. Can’t seem to find the address on the website?


Hey Paolo,
It’s the Whipton Institute Social Club.
The address should be somewhere on the website or the facebook page, but I know the postcode sometimes sends people in the wrong direction if they use a satnav. We’re on the highlighted road on the map below. Hope that helps,