I organised a game with a guy called Robin


Hi Robin,

I’m not sure if you are a member on here but last Wednesday we organised a game of 40k. I’m just trying to check if that is still going ahead? I think we said 1500 points?

I’m still good to go.

Let me know,



Hi there, yes still on tomorrow for 1500 point game, looking forward to it, first game in ages! I mentioned it last week but I can’t be there until just gone 7.


Hi Robin,

That’s cool. What type of list will you be using; is it super competitive, loads of super heavies or none competitive?

I think clarifying helps make it a better game


Dark Angels, nothing silly or competive, no lions blade and no free stuff, just a fluffy multi wing battle group out to smash up some heritics and or xenos and possible nab a few fallen along the way!


Ok I’ll go the same with my space wolves then. There’s Definitely enough bad blood between those two chapters for a battle