IA/Bloodbowl Newb


Hi, I’ve been lurking for a while and really interested in joining the club. I just wondered if anybody would be keen on playing some Imperial Assault or Bloodbowl this Weds or any week after? I have to confess I’m pretty new to tabletop and miniature gaming so you will have to be happy playing a newbie. Im not competitive at all and mainly play to relax and have fun. I own IA (plus a few expansions) and Bloodbowl and im desperate to get them to the table but rarely get to play as my family and friends have no interest in them. I’d also be interested in learning/playing other games especially Shadespire. Also just bought Gaslands Rulebook with the intention of raiding my son’s hotwheels collection! :smile:


Hi Mate, welcome aboard :smiley:
The club has a number of Imperial assault and Blood Bowl players.
The BB players are at a bit of a disadvantage at the moment, as our annual League is on now :slightly_smiling_face:
Probably your best bet is to start a conversation in the ‘Organise a Game’ Topic and see who bites :stuck_out_tongue: There are also a number of Shadespire players at the Club who would, I am sure, be willing to walk you through it.


Cheers Santa! :smile:

Great I’ll see if I get any bites :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Hi mate great to see someone else interested in imperial assault.

We’ve got a good few players locally and Kirton games has hosted a great regional for the last few years so you’re in the right place for it.

There are a group of us going up to European championships this year if you want to get competitive, and a few guys just starting out with IA if you don’t do well have you covered either way :slight_smile:

I’d be very happy to do you a demo and / or refresher, I’m busy this week but could do the week after if that suits for you? (2nd May)

All the best mate and I won’t get offended should you choose to pitch for Blood Bowl or Shadespire instead, both also good games although IA is definitely my game! :smiley:



Hi Rich

Yep defo up for a game of IA on May 2nd, cheers mate! I’ve temporarily relocated from Cranbrook to Wellington, Somerset so prob won’t get to the club until around 7ish.

Yes Ive seen Kirton do regular game nights. Wasn’t sure if I’d be out of my depth so have taken the plunge so far!

Would love to play IA more regularly and defo up for Regionals once I feel confident I know what I’m doing :yum: I’ve played the tutorials on the app and had one Skirmish game so far. Absolutely love it and itching to play more.

Look forward to meeting you for a game on May 2nd. Shame it isn’t May 4th Ha ha.



Welcome… I’m also a newbie and only just recently got into Star Wars games like IA, so having some other new members to play against would be great for me too, :slight_smile:


Hey Rog,

Great! Its great to know there are a few players keen on IA. Well if you fancy a game this Weds let me know. We can both pretend like we know what we are doing :grin:

I presume most people play skirmish battles at the club instead of a campaign. I recently discovered this app on Android - Startactics IA, which seems to be really helpful in quickly building an team and command deck for skirmish. Hopefully it should help me organise a team and deck to have ready beforehand so we can just jump in!



Sounds good. Unfortunately I can’t make next Wednesday due to work commitments.


No worries mate. See you for a game in the future.


Hi @Clarkey,


I’m certainly happy to give you a relaxed game of Blood Bowl when I’m not playing a league match (I might be tied up for a couple of weeks).

I also have Shadespire (but haven’t used it yet!) and hoping to get a go at Gaslands too at some point.




Hey @Dopey

Brilliant thanks, look forward to giving you a game of BB in the future mate.

So happy to finally play these great games instead of staring at them sitting on my shelf! Might be tempted to buy Shadespire myself too.



Hi Phil,

I don’t have anything arranged for this week and could give you a game of Blood Bowl if you are interested.


Hey @Jonathan

Great! Yes defo up for a game!

See you on Weds (will be there about 7). Looking forward to it :grinning::rugby_football:



Great, see you then!

You said you were pretty new, have you played much Blood Bowl before now? Also, what team were you planning to use? Just want to make sure I bring something a team that will be interesting to play against.


Hey Jonathan,

I remember loving the look of Blood Bowl when I was a kid growing up but it has taken until I’m 39 to actually get into hobby gaming. I saw the new rebooted game and thought it look amazing so bought a copy last Summer. I managed to persuade my Brother in Law to play me over Christmas but that was a disaster as we spent most of the time reading the rulebook!

Since then I have watched some more tutorials, have done the training drills in the rulebook/on the app plus I have played through a match solo and really enjoyed playing with the humans. So I guess it maybe best to go with them.

I never get anytime to actually paint a team so have been putting off joining a club but I think it’s about time I took the plunge and just started playing it! :smile: Hopefully as my confidence grows it will push me to actually set aside some spare time (if the wife and kids let me) to a create a BB team. A well as the core box I’ve got a few other models like ogre, troll and goblins and a couple of star players (all unpainted unfortunately).

Anyway I think ive got the basic rules nailed down but I will make sure I refresh the rules before Weds. I will probably annoy you with questions on our first game though sorry!



Jonathan is one of the BB rules gurus so a basic understanding should be fine.

Don’t fret the unpainted team thing either, I never paint mine and I’m super cool. Right guys? Right!?!

Ahem. I mean that as long as we can tell your Blitzers from your Linemen no-one’s going to get snarky.


Cool, I’ll bring Orcs then as that usually makes for a nice straightforward game vs Humans.

Happy to answer any rules questions you have during the game or talk you through some of the action on the pitch.:smiley:


Ha ha, great. Cheers @Nanuek Glad I’m in good hands. :+1:

Awesome that would be amazing, thanks @Jonathan. See you Weds. You will recognize me when I arrive. I’m nearly as tall as an Ogre but not quite so good looking :grin: