I'm back again


Hello all,
I’m back and very happy that you are still going.
I fully understand that none of you will remember me as I’ve been away for 8 years or so.
I was last involved at the club during the Horus Heresy campaign playing as the Alpha Legion dressed as the Crimson Fists. Did we win?
Hope to come along soon


Hey Chris, welcome back! Has it really been 8 years? Doesn’t feel that long!

Heresy campaign did end eventually. Horus killed the Emperor but didn’t do enough to achieve an overall victory, so was driven back to the Eye of Terror along with most of the traitor primarchs. Many of the loyalist primarchs were killed so Vulkan took over as the new Emperor.

Hope to see you back at the club soon!



Thanks Jonathan,

Fancy a game of 40k on the Wednesday 30th?



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Yeah, could do 40k that week. Are you up with the current edition and how many points (or power levels) would you like to play?


I have played a couple games of 8th with my friend Tom who also came to the club a few times.
I’m not super sure about rules but get most of it I think.
2000pts to many?

Cheers chris

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I’m sure we’ll manage then, I find remembering all the rules from the codexes more of a challenge than the core rules.

I usually play 1500-2000pts so 2k is certainly doable.:slightly_smiling_face:


That’s what I’ve been finding too.

How much money is it for the evening?


Still £2. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, (belated) welcome back Chris!


Hey dude, still 40king?


Are you at the club this Wednesday?


Not so much - still building/painting stuff, but I’m not keen on the current rules so not been playing much of it. Closest I’ve come lately is a bit of Kill Team every now and again. The new Iron Hands codex is pulling me back, but I still haven’t finished rebasing my army onto 32mm bases yet, let alone adding Primaris stuff to it :rofl:

What are you playing these days?


That’s a pity, I really like the current rules.

Raven Guard is my newest army, Orks and Imperial Guard.

I couldn’t persuade you in to a game on Wednesday then?


Oh that’s cool! Always been tempted by Orks but I’ve already done the horde army thing, don’t think I could bear to paint 100 Boyz :scream:

The rules aren’t actually too bad. There’s a few things that annoy me, but it’s mostly the army building and the shifting of a load of rules to stratagems that I find a headache.

I doubt I’d be able to get anything together for tomorrow but I can see if I can put together 2K of IG/Imperium for a few week’s time?


I see what you mean.
I love the orks bit I haven’t managed to paint many so far.
2k in a few sounds good, looking forward to it.


Any chance you fancy a game this week Scott?


That would be ideal mate, was just coming on to say I’d figured out a list!

I haven’t got the most recent Chapter Approved, but I used Battlescribe, so I’m hoping they’ve got the points right!


Hey Chris, can you let me know if you’re still up for a game tonight? Brought by stuff just in case, but realise I didn’t post my last message as a reply so you might not have gotten a notification :grimacing:


I in, no doubt. I’ll be there for 6pm


Ideal, see ya then!