I'm selling half my collection


Hey guys
I’ve decided to slim down my collection and only keep a few army’s
For sale are

My raven guard all the non primaris space marines. there are enough terminators and vanguard vets to field a demi 1st company
And a full company worth of marines plus extras and in a kr multi case double case

My space wolves a full company’s worth with a good mix and 5 drop pods based on Ragnar’s company and in a kr multi case double case

A primaris force of space wolves
15 intercessors 20 infiltrator/incursor 1 redemptor dreadnought 10 hellblasters and primaris Ragnar blackmane all on sprue

10 deathwing 3 5 man bike squads 2 attack bikes 4 landspeeders 10 black Knights old metal/plastic Sammiel in landspeeder know know as a talon master

Ork beast snagga battle force
Beast snagga army box plus 2 kill/hunter rigs and a extra box of beast snagga Boyz all still in box

Ork speed freak starter force
4 boxes of bikes deafkilla wartrike all still in box
2 dakka jets 1 assembled 1 on sprue

Ork mechanised force
30 Boyz 3 trucks 20 burner Boyz 2 looted chimaeras 2 mec big guns Ork warboss on bike forge world model converted mad doc on bike and big mec on bike with custom forcefield 3 killakans
and in a kr multi case double case

Millatarum tempestus sicons army
in a kr multi case double case
4 special weapon squads
At least 6 10 man squads 4 toroxes 4 Valkyries

Guard tank company
6 russ 2 demolishers 1 plasma gun one and punisher Russ plus 1 vanquisher turret forge world
In a old double GW plastic case

Khorne deamon army
Lots of bloodletters skullcannon bloodthirster forge world deamon prince and herald, skull taker 6 juggernauts deamon defiler (can’t remember what it’s called)
In a gw double case

Essentially a start collecting box of skitari
All on sprue

Genestealer cult starter force
Most on sprue

Harlequin army
3 troups and 10 jet bikes 3 void Weavers and several variants of troupmasters and and 2 shadow Seers 3 death jesters and one solitaire
In a kr cardboard case

Death guard army
3 plague marines squads free mythic blight haulers 1 foetide bloat-drone 1 units of terminators various characters

Thousand son’s army
3 rubric marine squads 2 terminator squads boxer sorcerers ,arhmin 30k & 40k versions and Magnus the red
1 Rubric squad part painted and assembled

Tyranid army
About 4000 points plenty of monsters lots of hormagaunts lots of genstealers and plenty of warriors
In a GW plastic case

Plus much more I’ve got fed up of typing now lol


Are you hoping to sell these as complete collections, or are you willing to sell off individual items?

For example, I have the Beast Snagga box already so don’t need another, but I might be interested in a Kill Rig.


I’m trying to sell them as complete collections mostly because I’ve already taken photos of them for sale on Facebook groups I’m just giving club members first crack at them before I put them online


Fair enough. If the Primaris space Wolves are all on their sprues still then I’m interested in them as I can assemble them as Blood Angels/Deathwatch instead.

Also interested in the Ork Speed Freaks. Don’t need the Deffkilla Wartrike but I don’t have any Dakkajets and can always find space for more bikes in the army.

Let me know what sort of prices you were thinking of and I’ll see if that falls within my budget.


Ok I’ll whip home tonight if I finish work early enough and grab the bits your interest in and bring it to club tonight