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Is there any way to get an RSS TO this site? For example could it pick up on the RSS feed from Dopey’s OBBLM site:

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Not currently but there is a plugin being developed.


OK, scrub that, I think I’ve found a way to post by email using an rss–>email online converter. @Dopey, mind if I make a post to OBBLM to test?


Go for it mate!


Think I got it working. New items on OBBLM should create a new topic over here in the “feed” category. OBBLM has some oddities with the way it creates the XML so I’m 100% confident that we won’t get missed and/or duplicated items.


Doesn’t seem to have worked… I’ve just posted a few messages on the OBBLM.


Just had another bash at it. The feed reader wasn’t spotting new feeds so I have essentially had to increase the sensitivity. This means that fixing typos in match reports might trigger a new topic.

I have suppressed the Feed category from the forum homepage for now in case it gets spammy.


Well, it seems to work each time I set it up but then fall over whenever I leave it running. Might have to revisit in a couple of days…


No probs :slight_smile:


I have installed a plugin to turn RSS feeds into posts but I would have to restart the forum to activate it. I’ll wait until there is another reason to bounce the forum.


Finally got round to taking another crack at this!

New OBBLM news posts will appear here:

They don’t currently appear on the front page of the forum because not everyone will care.