Infinity at Rygas


HI All,

I’m reasonable new to the Exeter area and am looking for some games of Infinity! I was sorry to hear that Exeter Inquisition has shut its doors, so I’m hoping this is the place to play Infinity!

Currently play JSA while working on a new Starmada force. Also play Corregidor when the mood takes me! I have acres of terrain to use (arguably my first passion!) so would be happy to bring along a table.

If you’ve ever made it up as far as the west midlands you may recognize me as I was a regular on the Infinity tournament circuits in the midlands and south Wales before COVID, so hoping to see a few familiar faces.

So - any Infinity players out there??


Yes, because most of the Infinity players from the Inquisition are now playing at Rygas!


And I’m pretty sure we met at Firestorm at least once!


Yes mate quite a few times in fact! :sweat_smile:


Yes and with any luck I’ll be able to make it next week. I have Yu Jing & JSA. Regular opponent of Ian and happy to play more people.