Intro, Epic on June 8th


As some of you may have heard, the Exeter Inquisition club has finally closed after fifteen years!

As a result, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Richard and myself, and probably a few others as well, mostly playing Epic 40k, Infinity, Warmachine, and maybe some 40k and other games!

Richard and I will be along this Wednesday, and are currently planning to playing Epic again.


I am sorry to hear about inquisition, that is sad news. You have always been welcome at Rygas.


Thanks, sad to see it go but I am looking forward to more games at Rygas.


Thanks and thanks!


That’s incredibly sad news.
However, the art of rolling dice must go on and I have no doubt that all your buddies will get a warm welcome at the club, should they wish to pop along.
Would love to dribble lustfully over your Epic this Wednesday, like I did last time you did it at the club, however, I won’t be around this week unfortunately.
Onwards and upwards buddy and kindest regards to your friends.

ps … am starting to get titillated over the new 30K that’s about to be released … just might have to dive in and have a dabble.