Is Rygas open Wednesday 18th March?


Is the Rygas open this Wednesday?


Not sure yet. Not sure if the pub will be open. Committee may also make a decision to shut regardless.

What are the thoughts on here. If we can open, should we?


Hard to say, the advice from the government is a little confusing. They are advising against social gatherings, but they aren’t asking for places to be closed.

I don’t have any contact details for the people who run the Whipton Social club or open it up, so not sure who to contact to find out.

If they are opening, then I have no objection to people attending, providing they follow all the health advice and don’t attend if they suspect they might be ill or in the ‘at risk’ category.


I’ve got Dave’s number, I could ring him and ask?


If you could Fred that would be appreciated. I can then update the Facebook page with the current situation as I expect there are others who don’t know what is happening.