Is this book valuable? Warden of the Blade


I got this book free with my Black Library Blood Bowl Boxed Set.

It’s “Warden of the Blade” 926/1000. Just wondering if it worth more than a door stop?

Dopey #


i think its the limited edition of it gose for abt 40 i think if you don’t want it il have it


May have a stab at selling it if interested?!


ye deffo
how much u want for it
im at club tonight


Dude, thinking about it, I’d best double check that I don’t have the book by mistake.

Dopey #


Not very piratical of me, but due to the risk of some kid not getting his/her xmas pressie, I’ve contacted Black Library.


Ransom it back!


They’ll just send u badges to thank u lol


Black Library say I can keep the book :slight_smile:


and i repeat my offer


Sorry dude, it may be a lucky gift sent from Nuffle so I’ve decided to keep it :slight_smile:


Booooo ok lol