Just got back from NZ


I’m back from work for about 3 months, so am down for some 1k/2k AOS games and possibly some smaller ones like Hinterlands or path to glory, also keen to learn Bloodbowl if anybody wants to teach a newb , love that new Troll mini!

AOS wise I have Rotbringers & Pestilens already built /assembled, and some other chaos projects on the go. I like narrative/casual games and also play at tournaments/competitively.


Hey, welcome back Jim! Good timing, AoS is really picking up at the club at the moment, got quite a few new people starting with the game, and quite a few people returning to it. Most of us are playing 1k games at the minute, whilst we get the hang of the game and the armies, but I’m sure there’s a few people with bigger collections that’ll be happy to throw down at 2k!


Hi @Jim_Mcpherson

I only really know a few things about BloodBowl, but if you want a lesson/game I’m at the club tonight and I have nothing organised other than giving @Nanuek a lift home.

If you need me to bring along an extra team for you then let me know.

Alternatively we can learn by watching @Nanuek play his BloodBowl league match while I try and point out all his mistakes :slight_smile:


I’m also bringing about 800 points of AOS, but will more than likely just be watching, so if you do have your stuff I don’t mind a quick skirmish if you get chance




Scotty Awesome sounds good! I am up for 1k games I really like those for the gaming club format.

I have a new army so I can try and learn the rules for them/ learn how to play them. I have a Rotbringers/Mortals force all made up but unpainted ready to rock which I’ve never used before. Blightkings, Maggoth Lords etc

JamesG & Dom Sounds awesome but I don’t think I’ll be there tonight, def up for some games in the coming weeks though thankyou =)

I might try and come along next Weds to say hi and grab a pint, maybe we can chat then if you are about


Sweet, don’t think anyone’s playing nurgle yet. A couple of us are on Tzeentch and Khorne, there’s a few Sylvaneth players and a few Stormcast/Order armies around too.

Kirton Games have also started a slow-grow league on alternating Monday nights (I think…the previous ones were fortnightly anyway), so there’s definitely more opportunities to get in some games now.


sweet I will try to get on that too