Just in case there is anyone else looking for a game of 40k


If anyone is after a game this Wednesday anything from 1500-2000pts



I’ll give you a game as long as you have no objections to a Forge World Corsairs list.
How many points do you want to do?


Hey sorry for the delay been at work.

Yeah always look forward to playing new armies ha 2000 sound good? I’ll be down for just after 6


Well it’s up to you, I can do 2000 pts of space wolves or 1500pts of nids whatever takes your fancy :slight_smile:


Can we make it nids, I’ve not faced them yet. :slight_smile:


Yeah no problem, I can only stretch to 1500 though, new army unfortunately not a lot painted but I’m yet to use them in a full match so be a learning curve for both I’m sure! See you this evening!


1500 is fine. Is it a nid horde or a few big beasties?


Only 3 MCs in there! Trying out as a CAD with a endless swarm formation, not sure how it’ll pan out, be fun and games though no doubt