Keyforge Call of the Archons - Demo / Play evening 13th March


Hi all,

Played a little of this and enjoying it so far, I was hoping to try and get a group together to play semi regularly so with that in mind I wanted to put an evening in where we can all jump in, learn the game, and get some games in.

For those not familiar with the game it’s a card game similar to a TCG (trading card game) however every deck in the game is unique, meaning you buy a deck for less than a tenner (Kirton are bringing some along) and then that’s all you ever need to play.

I’m probably not explaining it very well so if you want to find out more I recommend reading about it on the FFG site here and/or watch it played here.

On the night the hope is that each of us would buy a deck before we pair up, crack open our decks together and play some casual games. Once the games are finished everyone will go home knowing how to play, with a few games behind them and their own deck.

Long term the hope is that we can get a good group of players together and host more events either during the evening at Rygas or if there’s enough interest I’m sure Kirton would look at putting other events on for us.

If you’re interested it’d be great to get a heads up here so I know roughly how many to expect.

Thanks for reading and hopefully see you on the 13th!



Count me in!


Good man, going to bring it along this week as well if anyone fancies a game, I’ve got a few decks and happy to lend them out so anyone can give it a go.