Kill Team 5th Feb


Hey all,

Been a while since I’ve been to the club. Anyone want to play a few games of Kill Team?

I’ll need reminding of the rules!




Hi Jamie,

I’m in the same boat, I haven’t been to the club in a long while and would like to get into playing Kill Team a bit more regularly, so I’d be up for a couple of games if you don’t mind playing somebody who also needs to catch up on the rules. I’ve got an Ork squad built and a sector mechanics kill zone, although haven’t built any of the terrain yet (had it since last Christmas lol). Can try and brush up on the rules before Weds.



Hey Phil,

Sounds great. I’ve got the container terrain set built (not painted yet) which I’ll bring. I have a small Nids and a Deathwatch team. I’ll start brushing up on the rules too.

Do you remember what time the club opens?



Nice one mate. Look forward to it. From what I remember, I think it opens around 6.30. I can get there about 6.45ish.


Great see you then


Hi there, there a few of us Kill team players at the club; I’ll be up for a game or another week. Cheers


Hi really sorry mate, my wife has become ill so looks like I have to sort out the kids. Any chance we can reschedule? If you are already on your way don’t worry, I might be a bit late though. Really sorry!


Hey dude,

I’m already here :rofl:. No worries I’m not feeling great either. I’ll probably head home. Next Wednesday?