Kill Team Campaign


Anyone interested in a Kill Team Campaign using the rules from the back of the book (if you have it!), potentially run it starting in a couple of weeks, you’d need a 3-12 model Kill Team from any faction (all the main factions are in the book).

The rules themselves are a tweaked variant of 40k if your not familiar with them.


I’m extremely tempted to get into Kill Team but I don’t have anything yet. Does the campaign system use matched play rules - specifically, do you use points as well as a maximum number of models?


Ye it uses points :100: pts for a killteam by the looks of the campaign rules it lets you make a new killteam for each mission


Yes it uses the core of Matched Play rules, however your starting Kill Team is limited to 12 models rather then 20 which then go on a Command Roster - you can also have more then 20 models on your roster as the campaign progresses. When you choose a Kill Team for a game, you can either use models from the Roster (which gain experience) or add new models. Also not all the missions are the Matched Play ones, as the random mission table includes Narrative missions as well.


I’m getting a Kill Team together so am interested. I’m conscious of impending time commitments though. … How would the campaign work time-wise?


Low commitment I think, given how quick the games are to play, one evening a month would give ample opportunity to play 3-4 games, or a single one and a game of something else. It really depends on what everyone wants to do!


Count me in then :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

I’m interested in playing a Kill Team campaign. I’ll be buying the box set later this week but I won’t be able to commit to any games till the end of the month/ beginning of September.

Incidentally,Is anyone interested in swapping the Skitarii from the Kill Team Box set? I would be happy taking the Genestealer cultists or some Death Guard in exchange.



I’ll ask around if anyone wants to swap, I reckon starting late August or early September would work. I’ll bring the rules along tonight and hammer out a plan.


Hi Rob, sorry for the late reply (didn’t get an email notification).
I’ve found someone to swap the minis with but thanks all the same.

I should be in on Wed 29th to play or talk about the campaign.


I’ve bought the Kill Team big box and the Sector Mechanicus Killzone. - so loads of terrain :slight_smile: