Kings of war?


Hi, new to the forum so apologies if this has already been asked? Does anyone play kings of war??


I don’t but a few of them were playing Rune wars the other week,some of them might,have you been to the club yet?


Not yet, I live in North Devon, but tempted to travel down as have heard good things about the club!


We do have a couple of Kings of War players but they don’t tend to use the forum much so you might not get a reply here. They are at the club pretty much every week though if you wanted to meet them, although I appreciate its a long way to travel down on the off chance.


I might just come down and see, looking to get into x-wing anyway!


Hello, I’ve just joined the forum, also looking for KoW players. Did you have any luck at the club?


We have three KoW players, but we tended to stop playing when we failed to bully others into it. I dare say you could tempt someone out of retirement.


Hi there,

I am a new PGCE student in Exeter and looking to keep my hand in for KOW. Anyone still playing or tempted to have another go?


Your most likely opponent is Dan, who is not on this forum much, I would suggest that if possible, you come along tomorrow with your figures and see if he has brought his. He often does.


Hi, sorry haven’t been keeping up with thread as I thought no one interested in KoW. I’m up for games if anyone interested??


Have PM’d you James!