Kirton Cup 6 The Road to ExeBowl


It’s just over a week until our next Kirton Cup event. If you are planning on attending we would suggest getting a ticket asap so we can gauge numbers for the event. You can currently purchase them via our online store.


Hello? Hello! Is this thing on?

I’m all paid up for both Kirton and ExeBowl. Very much looking forward to coming out of retirement.

Not sure what I’ll play yet, but I have a week to work that out.

I’m hoping that I can make a league return as well. Fingers crossed.



Hi @HairyPete,

Note that we also have a very casual “Perpetual League” now that you can dip in and out of at your leisure:

Feel free to have a crack! If you play at least one game before the winter, you’ll qualify for the playoffs :slight_smile:



Cheers Dopey. I’ll set up a couple of teams and try and get some games in :slight_smile: