Kirton Games - upcoming events


Below is a list of upcoming events at Kirton Games. Full details of events can be found on our Facebook and tickets are available through our webstore.

If there are any events you’d like to see for other games please let us know, or comment below. It’s also worth say that we hope to be able to offer the hall for hire for people to run their own events.

We’re hoping to get another Megagame organised soon!

Facebook events:

13th - X-Wing Sunday Escalation
17th - X-Wing Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
19th - Star Wars Armada, The Kirtonnian Conflict
26th - Warhammer 40k Tournament - The Age of the Imperium

2nd - MTG Hours of Devastation Standard Showdown
4th - Age of Sigmar Path to Glory Campaign Weekend
9th - The Road to Terra: A Horus Heresy Tournament
16th - Shadow War Armadeddon Campaign Day
23rd - X-Wing Epc Champtionship 2017
30th - Bolt Action: D-Day Campaign Day

7th - Star Wars Destiny Q3 Tournament
21st - X-Wing Team Championship 2017


By chance, I have two completely independent “Escalation” lists, so I’m happy to loan one out if anyone fancies the action on Sunday 13th and doesn’t have the models :slight_smile: