Kirton Games X-Wing Team Championship - 21st October


Is anyone interested in going to the X-Wing Team Championship at Kirton on the 21st October? It’s for teams if 3 with one Rebel player, one Imperial and on Scum & Villainy. Would be good if we could get together a ‘Team Rygas’ for the event.:smiley:

More details here: X-wing Team Championship 2017


I’d be happy to bring the Imps if anyone else can bring Rebs and Scum


Cool. I’d be happy to do either Rebels or Scum (although my track record with Rebels is a lot better!). I think the Guns for Hire expansion is out before the event so that might make Scum a bit more viable for me.

Just need a 3rd team member now.:slightly_smiling_face:


I’d be interested in entering. Could play Rebel or Scum


That’s great. I would prefer Rebels myself but can switch to Scum if you really want to use them.


Cool, well if you want to go with Rebel’s I’ll go with scum. I used Rebels in the last tournament so don’t mind the switch to a different faction. Need to get some practice in to decide which list I go with. Tempted to see how well my 2 Iggy’s and a Quad jumper does.


Thanks. The double IG + Quad list had potential so could be worth a try.

Thinking treble-T70’s or new-Han + Poe for the Rebels.

Also, I have bought the team ticket as I could use my membership to get 20% off, which reduces the cost to £8 each. You can pay me back on the day.


Awesome good work dude. Yeah only used double iggy quadjumper list once so keen to give it a few more spins


Yeah thanks for that Jonathan.
I’m thinking of triple SFs or the two named pilots and shuttle. I do keep coming back to Deathrain and bomblet generator though…
Definitely need some practice games. Maybe next week if either of you can fit in a game?


I’ve got a 40K game next week but free the following week. If you can get to Kirton for Sat 23rd then I’m looking after the shop so we could play some practice game then to :smiley:


Thanks Jim, the week after next would be good for me. I can get there for 6.30ish I reckon.


I’m playing a game of Epic X-Wing next week but should also be available for a game or two on the 27th.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Jonathan and Jim, still up for some list practice on Wednesday? If you are, what time you getting in?


I’m still up for it and should be there between 6 and 6:30. Saw Jim yesterday and he’s also coming for some practice games, just not too sure when he will get there. Dopey also said he’ll bring his X-Wing stuff if he can make it so looks like we should all be able to get a couple of games in each.:smiley:


Cool. See you there, I’ll try to get there 6.30ish


Well, I think we can say we got off to a good start :slight_smile: I’ve made a small Mod to my 2 x Iggy and Quadjumper list. I also wrote a new Dengar 2 x Y-Wing list I might give a go.


Certainly some good match ups. I’ve also been mulling over a new/altered list, involving QuickDraw and the Decimator, I’d like to try out before the tournament.
You guys available for some last minute practice on the 11th?


Decimator + Quickdraw sounds like an interesting combo. I’ll certainly be interested in playing another game or two on the 11th, either with the same list of one of the others I’ve been looking to try out as I’m pretty happy with the one I used this week.


Still on for some more practice games on Wednesday? I should be there 6.30ish


Yeah definitely, should be there around the same time. Jim was saying last week he will be there too.