Kirton Gaming Loft Kickstarter!


Hello all!

For those of you that don’t know about us, we started Kirton Games in 2013 with the aim of creating a shop and a space that serves the local hobby community. We have been overwhelmed by the response! After two expansions we’ve been at capacity for a while as many of you who come down to us to game will know, and have now decided to make the move to a larger shop with a dedicated gaming hall. We’d love for you to get involved with this new and exciting move by supporting and sharing our Kickstarter!


Good luck guys, nearly halfway there already!


funded within a day OMG did you think it was going to be this easy


Looks liie rhe role play/board gamecroom is a go, fingers crossed you can get to the studio stretch goal!


The support has been pretty amazing, we are pretty overwhelmed by how much people have got behind what we are trying to do!

The main shop is nearly up and running, and this is an open invitation to come and check the place out before we shut the hall off to begin work!

For those who that haven’t checked the kickstarter out yet please do, and if you have any questions drop us a line!

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Awesome! When do you shut the hall dudes?


Not sure yet dude! I expect mid-April or so, but don’t quote me on that!


Thanks for the support so far with what we are trying to create. The support from the community has been amazing. For those not sure what we’re doing I encourage you to check out the kickstarter page. We will be moving to a pay to play model outside of events but are also offering membership with the following benefits:

Membership - £72 Annual, discounted to £40 for the kickstarter.

A member pass granting unlimited use* of the gaming space during opening hours, including use of terrain, and gaming mats for £1 per session.
15% discount off RRP.
Complimentary high speed WiFi access.
Complimentary tea and coffee
Access to The Kirton Games Black Library.

Although funding isn’t certain until the end of the kickstarter we’ve raided Robs credit card and started a bit of construction in the loft!

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The Kirton Gaming Loft -

There’s just over two weeks left on the kickstarter (ends 19.58 on the 4th May). If you have any questions about membership, pledging etc please don’t hesitate to ask!


Latest shameless plug of the Kirton Games Gaming Loft Kickstarter! Cheers everyone who has supported so far, theres only 24 hours left to pledge!


Thanks to everyone who pledged! You legends