Looking for a game of 40K or Warmachine for the 24th


I should be coming again this week and would like to get a game of either 40K or Warmachine/hordes. No particular preference for points size (or power levels) and I should be getting there between 18:00 and 18:30. Will have Dark angels for 40k and either minions or Cygnar for warmachine.


I don’t have anything arranged and would like to give you a game of 40k. Happy to do points or power levels although have only done points so far. Say 1500pts or whatever the equivalent size is in power levels?

Hoping to bring my Daemons if I can find my models (haven’t used them in ages) but will confirm tomorrow army tomorrow evening.


Thanks, if you are more familiar with points I’m happy to do that and 1500pt is a nicely familiar size of game.

The flavour of Dark angels will depend on mood so could be greenwing, ravenwing, deathwing or any combination.


1500pts it is then! I look forward to seeing what flavour or Dark Angels I’ll be up against.