Looking for a game of AOS 18th


Anyone want a game tomorrow?


I seem to be at a loose end tomorrow now so would be happy to give you a game as I’ve been looking to get into AoS properly for a while.

A few things to make you aware of in advance:

  1. I haven’t played the game since the last time we played each other over a year ago (at least the core rules aren’t too complicated)
  2. I don’t have an army ‘ready to go’ so will need to do some rummaging around when I get back from work tomorrow to find my Vampire Counts, so I will probably arrive a little later (probably around 7ish)

Assuming this doesn’t put you off, how many points do you want to play?:slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah mate would love a game with you,I can do 2k of anything just depends what army you want to play against ironjawz,skaven or seraphon?


Cool, since I’ve not played in ages I don’t mind army I face.:grinning:


I got a list ready for 2k,it’s not very well put together but it’s just buts that I got and so can try summoning lol