Looking for a game on 26th April


Looking for a game this week, ideally X-Wing but also open to 40k/30k, Blood Bowl or Armada. Might be willing to consider Age of Sigmar too but haven’t played it in over a year!

Post below if interested.:slight_smile:


Im down for some sigmar😃


Yeah, could give AoS a go. I have the General’s Handbook but haven’t played any games using it. How are people playing it these days? Last time I played was over a year ago and we just used a Wounds-limit, which was what some people were doing before points were introduced.


Its upto you mate,ill bring my army along anyway but could do 1000-1500points or something out of the narrative section


OK, well if we keep it simple and say 1000pts of Matched Play then given how long its been since I last played.


Oh dont worry im terrible at this game lol,so keeping it simple is brilliant.


If you like (sorry to be a bugger)could we do 1200points and pick 1 of these game types
Gifts from the heavens
Border war
Blood & Glory
Three places of power
I really wanted to take part in the kirton tournament(originally it was 1000points but it changed last night)but im terrible so any practice would be great😃


Yeah I can bump my army up to 1200pts, that’s no problem. We can decide on game type tomorrow night.:slight_smile:




Hello mate will be there 6/6.30 maybe more towards 6.30 as gotta nip post office on way home but im only 2 mins round the corner.