Looking to buy a 40k army - anyone selling?


I’ve started a small Tau force and wanted to expand it gradually.

However I do want to get back into playing as soon as possible and thought I’d check with you guys to see if anyone is selling in bulk!

I’d be interested to hear of anything you have!

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


Possibly bud, I’ve got a good amount of dark Eldar but spent a lot of time painting it so not 100%

Be nice to see it used though… Have you got a budget in mind?

Pm if interested and I’ll chuck some pics over, I’ve got about 2k painted and about another 1k I think unpainted, plus the limited edition codex and custom kr cases for the whole lot.

Failing that hope you find a good fit from someone else mate!



Hi Rich,

Thanks for the reply! - I’d be interested in looking at your Dark Eldar dude, if you’d be interested in selling your unpainted stuff do you mind detailing what you have and give me an idea of how much you’d be looking for it?

Thanks again!



Some pics of the painted stuff, most unpainted is on the gangs of commoragh box I think (shrink wrapped) as I got rid of a lot of the rest.

Think I have…

Succubus (primed)
8 Wyches
6x5 Kabalites
3 raiders
7 venom (think 5 painted?)
2 razor wing jet fighters (1 painted, 1 airbrushed waiting for final details)
3 sslyth
2 medusae

Limited edition codex

Enough kr cases to carry all of the above

I’ll check tonight and see if there’s anything else…

There’s a lot there and a good amount of time painting so I’d be looking for £500 for the lot, appreciate that’s a lot of money so please don’t worry about declining I won’t get offended, just wouldn’t want to let go for less than that.