Looking to finally getting into BB


Hello gents, looking to finally getting into bb, I’m nearly 30 and need something to keep me busy :slight_smile:️ Any chance if I popped along sometime just to have a look? I’m familiar with the rules, been playing/streaming bb for years on the pc. I know rules are different ect but willing to grind and learn, cheers in advance :slight_smile:️:+1:

ExeBowl 3 - Update

I’ve split this out to it’s own post so it doesn’t get lost!

I think I’m right in saying that it’s free to come along and try things out then £2 a pop thereafter (or £1 if you don’t get a game). Many (most?) people tend arrange games ahead of time on this forum.

There’s a map and some blurb in this post:


Ah, good lad. Popped into GW and he didn’t seem too interested in helping out tbh so thank you… can’t say I’ll come along tonight but you’ll see me having a butchers soon enough… thanks for your hasty reply!


Do you have a copy of the typical rule set you guys stick too for bb so I can get familiar with them? Sorry for all the noob questions, just prefer to be prepared. Cheers


That’s a bit of an open question! Until the re-release of BB we would have played LRB6 (Living Rulebook 6) which is a complete and stable rulespack freely available on the internet.

Cyanide’s first Blood Bowl game used these rules so you might already be familiar with them.

Their Blood Bowl 2 game had some rule changes that so far only exist in that game. Off the top of my head this was limited to giving the Human catcher armour 8 (from 7 in LRB6), changing the way money was spent before a match and making skills mandatory to use (i.e. you couldn’t choose not to use a skill in some corner cases). In short, you’re coming from Blood Bowl 2 then LRB6 should be very familiar.

BB2016 is the latest official ruleset from Games Workshop but that is a bit of a moving target currently. It would be hard to point you towards a single resource as the rules are drawn from the new boxset, two expansions, two erratta, an online pdf detailing team races and a number of White Dwarf articles. GW have recently released an Almanac for $50 which is supposed to pull most of these together but I haven’t checked how exhaustive it is.

For the most part I feel that BB2016 is a collection of extra rules with few substantive changes to the LRB6 ruleset.

If you wanted some bedtime reading I would start with LRB6, not least because it’s free, but if you’re coming from a PC background you probably know most of it anyway. The main learning curve coming from the computer game is things like moving you turn marker and tracking which of you players have acted.


Cheers for this, I’ll take a look tonight, again thanks for the fast and informative response!


I’m down for some games. There’s a comp at Kirton in several weeks too, you got time to paint up and practice!


What is the feeling towards unofficial GW models, a lot of teams are yet to be released and I’m thinking smashing a fun team like gobos or maybe ogres, issue being without going non GW it’s going to be hard.


As long as we can tell your ogres from your snots and the pieces fit on the pitch no one cares.


Time for some shopping then :slight_smile:️ Thank you for the quick response


Dropkick, also feel free to sign up to the Rygas League here: http://rrbbl.dopeybosley.co.uk/handler.php?type=registration

and/or have a browse :slight_smile: