Looking to get rid of a load of x-wing


Hey guys, I know I’ve not been to the club for a long old time, but before I lob them on eBay thought I’d offer up my x-wing collection here. Preferably looking to sell it as a whole batch, but if not willing to take offers for individual bits.
The collection includes:
1x lambda class shuttle
1x slave one
1x decimator
1x kylo Rens shuttle
3x fo tie fighters
1x fo special forces tie fighter
4x tie interceptors
3 x tie bombers
1x tie punisher
2x tie phantoms
2x tie defenders
1x inquisitors tie.

It’s all in a feldherr case with all the first edition tokens, cards and other bits.
Looking for about £150 for the lot, or a nearby offer.

Will try to make it down soon.