Managing the Blood Bowl leagues


Hi guys,

I’m conscious that it’ll be harder for me to maintain our Blood Bowl League Manager (OBBLM) with (very welcome) increased GW attention on BB. Also my personal commitments imminently sky rocketing.

Therefore I’m taking steps to make things as easy as possible to maintain.

I’ve taken a fork of the naflm code which is currently here:

I plan to upgrade our OBBLM to it ASAP.

This will make it much easier to keep our fork up-to-date with developments that are put on the main naflm code. There may be a period time where the old matches have to be “back entered”.

I have also started listing “Issues” of things that need to be sorted:

Feel free to add to these.

I’m also looking for coders to help me with the task… Anyone interested? … @Nanuek




Would love to, that sounds like fun but my time is looking increasingly limited in the medium term.

I’ll add it to the wishlist.

It is also worth noting that theNAF will host our OBBLM for free if the commish is a member. We would lose some customisation and control but might be an option.