Match: Black Ark Raiders (3) vs. Chase Hill Club (0)


@RRBBL The Dark Elves won the toss and chose to kick to their Wood Elf kin. This turned out to be a clever ruse though, as the Black Ark Raiders blitzed the line and snatched the ball out of the air before the Chase Hill Club could react. The ball changed hands several times over the course of the half, before it was finally run over the line by the blitzer Malus to put the Raiders 1-0 up at half time. With the Wood Elves temporarily down to seven players on the pitch, the Dark Elves took full advantage and Yvrette scored the Raiders second touchdown. A riot held things up for a while and the ref allowed extra time for the half, giving Chase Hill Club enough time to equalise. They quickly got into the Raiders half but Harold Nicholas was blitzed by Yvraine and the ball popped loose. Erranus quickly gathered it and made a short pass to Yvrette, who ran up the pitch to score her second touchdown of the match and the Raiders’ third. There was still enough time for the Chase Hill club to
score a consolation but War Dancer Fayard Nicholas was taken down by Yvrette and none of the other Wood Elves could retrieve the ball in the seconds remaining.

from RRBBL: Rygas Cup XI Feed