Match: Bunbury Bloodbowl Club (2) vs. Karak Uzkul Dron Duraz (1)


@RRBBL A rather shaky start to the first half from the Buns saw replacement thrower Jennie failing to pick up the ball allowing Odinn to recover to run in the score for the Dwarves. Jennie redeemed herself in the next drive by picking up the ball handily and sending a pass skilfully down-field to Angela. Despite some desperate defence by Odinn and Wotan, Val dodged free to even up the score shortly before the end of the half. In the second half, Nuffle decided that he had had enough of tormenting the BBC and got to work on the Dwarves. Despite Dron Duraz forming some classic cages, the speed of the Bunbury’s left the Dwarves wondering about these new Train-Errs that the Buns were wearing as opposed to good old iron-shod boots. The girls were helped by the fact that the replacement helmet that Esther wore for the second half turned out to be Bob’s Biffin’ Helmet, allowing her to floor a Dwarf with ease. The fact that they had bought in a keg of Joseph’s finest as well as employing Joh
nny Waterboy made no difference to Karak Uzkul Dron Duraz, as the girls just went for either stunning the Thick Skulled fellas, or Badly Hurting them in the case of Fern once she overcame her initial reluctance to pick on ‘Something that Small’, probably prompted by Thiazi trying to give her a slapping! Some classic defence by the Bunbury’s managed to prevent Dron Duraz scoring in the second half, whilst Jennie managed to steal the ball from under the nose of a bewildered Dwarf and launch a skilful cross-field long pass to Val who waltzed over for what was to turn out to be the winner. A desperate last-gasp effort by the Dwarves failed to produce anything, leaving the Girls the relieved winners.

from RRBBL: Rygas Cup X Feed


Thank you for this, it is brilliant!